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  • Horse Show Membership:   Info on affiliating for 2020 follows. Thank you for your interest in affiliating one or more of your shows with the FHSS. Our goal is to offer our exhibitors a variety of venues, locations and show experiences and to affiliate with high quality but also affordable shows that share our commitment to customer service. Thus, we tend not to rate ALL of a series' shows; we choose a few of each series so that our exhibitors have different venues, locations and experiences to choose from.

  • All requests for a Freedom rating are voted on by our Board of Directors. If a show becomes a part of Freedom, our fee is $75 per show. Payment must be submitted with this application or payment and results submitted no more than 14 days after the show to:  FHSS, 1009 Montgomery Avenue, Eagleville, PA. 19403. You can enter your membership and payment on-line by completing the form below and paying via the PayPal link.

  • Results should include the name of the pony/horse, rider, and owner's names, and 1st through 6th place ribbon winners in each FHSS recognized division, or if you use Horseshowing.com, submit a results report.

  • Prize List and advertising should state FHSS membership and post FHSS logo (can be emailed to you if requested).  Membership forms will be mailed with the horse show packet and should be put out for distribution.  If you receive paid memberships at your show, checks should be made out to FHSS and returned with your results.  Points from FHSS shows that fall between December 1 and August 1 are also included in the Colonial Classic qualifiers, and riders are eligible to participate depending on points.

  • Points are awarded in all classes, all divisions.  Please select the divisions you are running from the list below.  Please review our specifications at https://www.freedomhorseshowseries.com/divisions.   If you have any questions, contact Nancy Fay at huufprint@comcast.net or call (610)247-7797 or Nancy Moffitt at nancemoffitt@comcast.net.   

 1 Leadline

 2 Walk-Trot

 3 Pre-Short Stirrup

 4 Short Stirrup Eq.

 5 Short Hunter

 6 Pleasure Pony

 7 Pleasure Horse

 8 Jr Beginner Rider Eq.

 9 FHSS Adult Equitation

10 Novice Equitation

11 Junior Equitation

12 Low Children's Pony

13 Children's Pony

14 Low Children's Horse

15 Children's Horse

16 Low Adult Hunter

17. Developing Hunter

18. Baby Green Hunter

19. Modified Hunter

20 Low Hunter

21 Open Hunter

22 Thoroughbred Hunter

23 Itty Bitty Jumpers

24 Puddle Jumpers

25 Thoroughbred Jumpers

26 Preliminary Jumpers

27 Low Child/Adult Jumpers

28 Child/Adult Jumpers

29 Open Jumpers

30  Low Mini Prix Series